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The educational opportunities at The Playhouse are starting to evolve. We hope this will become a vital part of our plans for the future, and cover –


LectvreS and TalkS


InteruiewS with WriterS, ActorS and HiStorianS


Liuing HiStory

and ConferenceS


Elizabethan Theatres, Elizabethans connected with the Manor, Shakespeare, Walter Raleigh

and his literary contemporaries, The Armada, At the Queen’s Court, Pirates of the Elizabethan Age,

Life here at the Manor in the 16th Century…and more besides.

Sir Walter Raleigh

Shakespeare and his contemporaries at
the Mermaid Tavern. Painting by John Faed, 1851.

The painting depicts (from left in back) Joshua Sylvester, John Selden, Francis Beaumont, (seated

at table from left) William Camden, Thomas Sackville, John Fletcher, Sir Francis Bacon, Ben Jonson, John Donne, Samuel Daniel, Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, the Earl of Southampton, Sir Robert Cotton, and Thomas Dekker.

Education Gallery

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